Rectangular griddle pan

Main features

Pando personalised design in cast iron to optimise induction heat

distribution and efficiency.

Specific mode for the grill function on Pando induction hob models

PI-3200 / PI-3300 / PI-3500.

Perfect match with the size and shape of the induction rings.

Ergonomic side handles.


460 x 260 mm

XXL total cooking surface of 840 cm.

Grill surface area 350 cm.

Griddle pan surface area: 490 cm.


Large griddle area is ideal for preparing all kinds of food (meat,scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.).

Grill area enables you to sear fillets or prepare vegetables cut intostrips, fish, shellfish, etc.

Highly stable: thanks to its weight of 7.1 kg, the hob does not moveon the top when a spatula is being used.

Special food-quality coating.


Dishwasher safe.