• The smallest multi-function oven from Pando

    PHT 9245, the new high-end multi-function oven whose compact size and great features set it apart.

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    Different variables with a single goal: To make people happy.

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    Multi-function oven, steam ovens, microwave ovens, and the perfect combinations for a perfect kitchen

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Down to the smallest detail

Every Pando oven is an example of attention given to the smallest details.

Enabling kitchens to be within everyone’s reach, so that cooking can become a comfortable and simple experience, full of possibilities, and thus Pando Integral Cooking can be a reality to satisfy everyone.

Pando takes care of the details.

We take care of the stainless steel and glass treatments. The finish of our designer metal handles. Electronics and their ease of use. enamelled interiors. multiple cooking functions.


Quick. Efficient. Eco-friendly.
A cleaning system in four simple steps:

  1. With the oven cold, pour a glass of water onto the base.

  2. Select the Steam Cleaning System function. The water will evaporate and condense on the walls, detaching grease and dirt.

  3. The oven cools down so you can move on to the fourth step without the risk of getting burnt.

  4. Clean it with a cloth, no other products are necessary.

In less than half an hour your oven will be as clean as the first day. Like in the good old times, steam is the future.

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Horno Pando PHT-9245

45 multi-function oven
PHT 9245

The new high-end multi-function oven whose
compact size and great features set it apart

Horno Pando PHB-9100

60 Top Multifunction oven SCS 59L.
PHB 9100

It is elegant. It is sophisticated. It has a functional design.

Horno Pando PHT-9200

60 Excellence Multifunction Oven SCS 59 L.
PHT 9200

A top-range oven for high-class cooking.

Horno Pando PHC-9300

45 Combi/Micro Oven 32 L.
PHC 9300

A conventional oven or microwave

45 Steam System Oven 32 L.
PHV 9400

An oven that works with steam.

Horno Pando PHM-9500

39 Oven Microwave 22 L.
PHM 9500

Useful, practical, convenient.

Hornos combinados Pando

Two ovens instead of one

Its design allows you to place them beside or on top of each other

Plate warmer.

A new element that perfectly complements ovens
with different features and heights.