• Airlink - Connect the hood to the induction hob

    Intelligent combination control system for hood and induction hob

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  • Maximum functionality with the BRIDGE function

    Synchronise the different cooking areas

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Pando makes it easy for you

So that cooking can become a comfortable experience, intuitive and without hitches

Making cooking reachable for everyone. Making cooking a comfortable and simple experience, while still full of possibilities. Making Pando Integral Cooking a reality to satisfy users.

Functional, Quick, Safe are the definitions of Pando induction hobs. Trouble less.

With different cooking areas that can be programmed separately. The Touch Controls enable easy and intuitive usage.

Safe as well as easy to use and clean. The Power/Booster function enables you to adjust the power to reduce cooking times.

With safety systems such as the residual heat indicator, protection against overheating and self locking.


The Bridge function enables the synchronisation of two or four cooking areas to offer a larger heating zone.

Ideal for paella pans, large frying pans, sea bream pans and hot plates.

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Induction hob 60 4 Fgs. “AirLink”
Ref. PI 3300

Three cooking areas.

Induction hob 90 6Fgs  “AirLink”
Ref. PI 3500

Five cooking areas, two with the Bridge function.

Induction hob 60 3Fgs.
Ref. PI 3100

Three cooking areas.

Induction hob 60 4Fgs. Bridge
Ref. PI 3200

Two or four cooking areas with BRIDGE Systeme

Induction hob 81 3Fgs + Bridge
Ref. PI3400

Five cooking areas, two with the Bridge function.

Rectangular griddle pan

Pando personalised design in cast iron to optimise induction heat

distribution and efficiency.