Maximum versatility

Technical Features

Hood available in 58 cm – 78 cm – 94,8 cm – 111,6 cm and 128,5 cm width

  • A+++ Energy Classification
  • Airlink
  • ECO
  • Electronic control
  • Filters saturation detector
  • Last Time Function
  • Led 5500K
  • LED Lighting
  • SEC System PLUS
  • SIA Safety
  • Stainless steel filters

Image gallery

Technical Drawings


Front. (cm)MotorØ tubo mmClase Energética/Energy Label
849658Interior/Intérieur V.750125+info
779258Interior/Intérieur V.850150+info
961558Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150+info
849878Interior/Intérieur V.750125+info
737978Interior/Intérieur V.850150+info
961678Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150+info
849978Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150+info
850094,8Interior/Intérieur V.750125+info
779694,8Interior/Intérieur V.850150+info
961894,8Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150+info
850194,8Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150+info
7800111,6Interior/Intérieur V.850150+info
9620111,6Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150+info
8502111,6Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150+info
7804128,5Interior/Intérieur V.850150+info
9622128,5Interior/Intérieur V.1050 eco SEC PLUS150+info
8503128,5Interior/Intérieur V.1250 eco150+info
961778Intermedio Exterior/Intermédiaire Extérieur/Intermediate Exterior150+info
961994,8Intermedio Exterior/Intermédiaire Extérieur/Intermediate Exterior150+info
9621111,6Intermedio Exterior/Intermédiaire Extérieur/Intermediate Exterior150+info
9623128,5Intermedio Exterior/Intermédiaire Extérieur/Intermediate Exterior150+info

Size and decorate your EVOLIKE

Structure for wall or island EVO group

You can choose from a range of materials: wood, glass, mirrored, solid surface, ceramic tile, stainless steel and more.

This product is delivered together along with its EVO group accordingly. (The structure is never sold on its own).
Can be supplied with the S.E.C. System filter set depending on the size of the structure.