Touch Down Cleaning System
(Patent by Pando)

Mobil system, it allows the filter and cristal area to come to an easy access height for cleaning purpose.

This new ceiling hood model shine by his surprising and brand new PATENTED Touch Down Cleaning System by Pando.

Technical Features


Campana disponible en frontal de 130 cm.
White enamel and glass
Touch Down Cleaning System (Patent)

Anti-Trap Safety System

  • A+ Energy Classification
  • Airlink
  • Aluminum filters
  • Last Time Function
  • Led 4000K
  • LED Lighting
  • SIA Safety
  • Touch remote control


  • Duct-in-line remote motor ECO V.1550 Ø150
  • Duct-in-line remote motor ECO V.2450 Ø200
  • Interior Motor SEC System V.1130 ECO PLUS
  • Motor Roof ECO V.2350 Ø200


  • Activated carbon filters kits
  • Button panel set for embedding in wall


  • Standard short side fume outlet for interior motor
  • Standard short side or ceiling fume outlet for exterior motor
  • INCLUDED: This model with the V.1130 ECO PLUS motor system comes with 2 m of 150 diameter circular spiral extractor flue as standard.
  • INCLUDED: This model with the V.2450 duct-in-line remote motor and V.2350 roof motor system comes with 5 m of S.E.C. fume extractor flue as standard System®, interior Ø 203 mm and exterior Ø 253.
  • Option of changing the original LED for a 3000K (*) warm light LED – Optional change only possible in factory.
  • See final section on features and recommendations for the ceiling hoods.
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Features and recommendations for ceiling-mounted hoods.

Project Technical Study

In order to ensure that your project does not come up against any unexpected difficulties, Pando requires that you send us a Technical Study with very specific details to ensure the product works successfully.

Download: Project Technical Study Form

Features and recommendations

FORM OF THE CEILING: The “ideal” ceiling to install these hood units must be completely unobstructed and flat over all of its surface. If for design reasons you choose to have different heights or steps in the ceiling, it must be ensured that the area where the hood is to be fitted is completely flat and covers as wide an area as possible, to avoid any suction losses (you must send us a plan to determine whether the surrounding ceiling is suitable).

CEILING HEIGHTThe recommended distance between the floor and the hood is a maximum of 2.50 m. For greater heights consult our Technical Division.

POSITION OF THE HOODThe hood must be centred over the cooking area.

AIR INTAKE GRILLETo ensure optimum suction by the hood it is essential that the kitchen has a constant inward flow of air; a ventilation grille at floor level is the perfect solution for this.

INSTALLING THE FLUE PIPEWe strongly recommend that you use S.E.C. System® fume extractor flue pipes from Pando, as these considerably improve convenience in use and the soundproofing of the unit.

INCLUDED: All units with V.2450 Exterior and V.2350 Roof motors come with 5 m of S.E.C. System® fume extractor flue with interior Ø 203 mm and exterior Ø 253 mm as standard.

Available in stainless steel or epoxy white enamel

All ceiling-mounted hoods can now optionally feature a control button panel for the hood set into the wall. The system comes with up to 10 m of cabling as standard.

Important: The panel set for embedding in Wall can be ordered only with the hood ( same order)