Hand-varnished ceramic dome

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An extractor hood or a striking ceiling light?

A free- hanging model with a unique design, offering a powerful extractor hood and striking ceiling light.

The ceramic body is manufactured by master craftsmen who apply the techniques of this ancient process (rustic moulds, slow fired and hand varnished) to create unique pieces.

A hood that combines the purity of tradition with modern design and technology.


With a ceramic body and stainless steel filter base.

Circular lighting with 20W LED, ideal for unmatched luminosity in the cooking area.

Incorporating a low consumption V.1000 ECO motor, with great absorbing capacity and excellent sound comfort.

Incorporated carbon filter and remote control.

Craft manufacture

SkyLoop Ceramic goes beyond its aesthetic appearance. What really characterises it is the fact that its body is ceramic; a material that so far has been used very little in the manufacture of hoods, which are generally made using stainless steel or aluminium.

Model manufactured by master craftsmen in ceramics who apply the techniques of this ancient process (rustic moulds, slow firing and hand varnishing) to create unique pieces.

Offered in white, copper, silver and gold colours.

This new Pando model is perfect for avant-garde kitchens, where it stands out both for its excellent technical qualities and for its functional nature and suggestive circular forms.