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INOXPAN, S.L., as the manufacturer of this appliance, guarantees it for a period of two years following the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects which may affect its proper functioning, as well as any damage caused by these.

During this period, the Company undertakes to replace or repair free of charge any part which is defective due to flaws or defects in the manufacture of the appliance in order to restore it to proper operation, including the necessary labour and expenses arising from the said repair or replacement, including travel by Company personnel.

This guarantee does not cover breakdowns or faults arising from misuse, incorrect installation, a defective power supply (see instruction manual), poor transport or handling by personnel not from or not authorised by this company or force majeure, as in the case of bulbs, glass, plastic and enamel which may have suffered impacts due to the above causes, and also in the event that the flue pipe with which the purchaser’s hood is to be installed is not suitable for the hood in question (see instruction manual).

INOXPAN, S.L. is explicitly excluded from any liability for any direct or indirect harm to people or property caused by improper tampering with the product.

This guarantee will only be valid if it is duly filled in. It must include the model, registration number and retailer or distributor’s stamp and must be accompanied by the invoice showing the date of purchase.

This guarantee will not be valid if the device is put to non-domestic use, for which it is not designed.

All matters not explicitly stipulated in this Certificate shall be governed by the provisions of the Spanish general consumer and user protection act, Law 26/84 of 19th July 1984, and by the act regulating the retail trade, Law 7/96 of 13th January 1996.