Commitment to the environment

Pando reinforces its commitment to its customers and the environment with new high- performance systems and minimum consumption lines.

The Pando eco-systems are composed of by a new series of high-performance motors that allow you save up to 76% in energy and reduce noise by 17 %, without reducing its airflow extraction capacity at any time.

They also incorporate led lighting saving power consumption by up to 94% in comparison with conventional halogens.

Classification of our energy products

The commitment to our customers and to the environment is the driving force behind our continuous process of review and innovation in terms of technological improvement, with our internal resources (R&D departments and technical assistance) alongside continuous external collaborations (University Research Centers, etc).

Our products come with the power ratings in force at the time of printing the 2015 catalogue. However, Pando works every day to improve and provide an even greater and more improved technical and technological level to our products. For this reason, you should always check our website, where you can find the latest updates in regard to the energy rating class besides technical information sheets on all our products.