• I-1100

    An innovative design
    combining stainless steel with blue stainless steel

Technical Features

Pando-iconos-A Pando-iconos-bot-electronica Pando-iconos-last-time Pando-iconos-ilum-led Pando-iconos-5500 Pando-iconos-filters-inox Pando-iconos-filters-automatic Pando-iconos-AISI-304


Hood available in Ø55 cm.
Available with combined Stainless steel-Bright stainless steel or Stainless steel-Blue Stainless steel slats (louvers)

  • A Energy Classification
  • Electronic control
  • Last Time Function
  • Led 5500K
  • LED Lighting
  • PRO Stainless steel filters
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Stainless steel filters


  • Motor Interior SEC System V.850 Ø150


  • Activated carbon filters kits
  • False ceiling support adjustable
  • Special custom-made flues
  • Touch remote control


  • Flue height always to custom-made. Specify in each order.
  • If it comes with air deviator for activated carbon filters, the minimum height is 950 mm (body+flue+front deviator).
  • Flue height always to custom-made. Total Height min. 750 mm and a maximum of 1100 mm.
  • Option of changing the original LED for a 3500 K (*) warm light LED – Optional change only possible in factory
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Decorative Island hoods: NEW EVOLUTION series