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Experience at the service of our customers

New concepts in decorative cooker hoods

Custom-developed products

A key reference in Decorative Hoods

Pando aims to be the top name in decorative cooker hoods, making constant progress and innovating in terms of design and concepts without losing sight of our reason for being: cooker hoods to meet the full range of needs in the kitchen.

Over 30 years' experience

Over 30 years of experience in the world of decorative cooker hoods together with our goal of creating technically and aesthetically superior products have enabled have enable Pando to consolidate its positioning as the producer who best meets customer needs.

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New applications: innovation and the traditional

Seeking new uses, new materials, new shapes, new technology - in general, to turn traditional appliances into new decorative features without ever forgetting the features and quality that have always set Pando hoods apart.

Better products: a philosophy oriented towards quality

This philosophy converges in our thechnical departament, our own test laboratory and R&D department staff who constantly work to provide more resistant, safer and eco-friendly components and materials to our product portfolio. Equally providing maximum standards of quality and complying wit all existing regulations; proof of which is AENOR certificate on all PANDO products.

Technology: at the service of decoration

• S.E.C. System
• Activated carbon filter systems
• Low-energy lighting systems
• Last-Time function
• New remote extraction systems

An extensive catalogue

Pando has an extensive catalogue of products in different designs, to offer you a host of solutions to design your kitchen.

Custom hoods

Pando places our technical design department at your service to develop any decorative cooker hood design you can imagine. Special sizes, XXL sizes, new designs, new finishes and more.
This is our commitment: no limits.

A wide range of finishings

New textures in stainless steel
Glass in RAL chart colours
Vinyl - finished hoods
Special enamels and paintings

Choice of motors

INTERNAL motors from 850m/h up to 1,350m/h
EXTERNAL motors from 1,400m/h up to 2,100m/h
ROOF motors 1,300m/h up to 1,900m/h

Quality certificates

ISO 9001 Aenor